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This was not a night to be a Villa supporter, crowbared into the corner of a packed-out Gerhard Hanappi stadium. Armed with loudhailers, microphones and never-ending enthusiasm, bare-chested supporters who had taken it upon themselves to MC for the night whipped their fellow fans into a ferment. The travelling supporters - less than 300 of them - didn't stand a chance.
Text aus dem Daily Telegraph nach dem 1:0 von Rapid gegen Aston Villa am 20.8.2009
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Jahre bei RapidZeitraum Name
191930-1948Binder FranzBinder Franz
191911-1929Kuthan RichardKuthan Richard
191931-1949Wagner FranzWagner Franz
181986-2003Herzog AndreasHerzog Andreas
172002-2018Hofmann SteffenHofmann Steffen
171943-1959Happel ErnstHappel Ernst
171943-1959Körner AlfredKörner Alfred
171937-1953Merkel MaxMerkel Max
161942-1957Körner RobertKörner Robert
161970-1985Krankl HansKrankl Hans
161979-1994Garger KurtGarger Kurt
161939-1954Gernhardt LeopoldGernhardt Leopold
161949-1964Gießer KarlGießer Karl
161929-1944Kaburek MatthiasKaburek Matthias
161912-1927Bauer EduardBauer Eduard
161945-1960Zeman WalterZeman Walter
161898-1913Schediwy KarlSchediwy Karl
161986-2001Schöttel PeterSchöttel Peter
151899-1913Schediwy JosefSchediwy Josef
151914-1928Wondrak KarlWondrak Karl
151911-1925Brandstetter JosefBrandstetter Josef
151958-1972Flögel RudolfFlögel Rudolf
151985-1999Heraf AndreasHeraf Andreas
151997-2011Hedl RaimundHedl Raimund
151978-1992Kienast ReinhardKienast Reinhard
151938-1952Musil JosefMusil Josef
141915-1928Nitsch LeopoldNitsch Leopold
141931-1944Raftl RudolfRaftl Rudolf
141936-1949Kaspirek FranzKaspirek Franz
141951-1964Hanappi GerhardHanappi Gerhard
141946-1959Golobic FranzGolobic Franz
141937-1950Wagner StefanWagner Stefan
131930-1942Skoumal StefanSkoumal Stefan
131959-1971Glechner WalterGlechner Walter
131953-1965Halla PaulHalla Paul
131955-1967Höltl JosefHöltl Josef
131976-1988Feurer HerbertFeurer Herbert
131924-1936Czejka LeopoldCzejka Leopold
131949-1961Dienst RobertDienst Robert
131913-1925Dittrich VinzenzDittrich Vinzenz
131979-1991Keglevits ChristianKeglevits Christian
131985-1997Konsel MichaelKonsel Michael
122002-2013Kulovits StefanKulovits Stefan
121975-1986Pregesbauer JohannPregesbauer Johann
121931-1942Pesser JohannPesser Johann
121983-1994Brauneder KarlBrauneder Karl
121935-1946Aurednik LukasAurednik Lukas
121997-2008Hiden MartinHiden Martin
121907-1918Jech KarlJech Karl
121990-2001Hatz MichaelHatz Michael